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Innovation Call

InnoScot Health is seeking ideas from health and social care professionals that can help transform the quality of life for people living with frailty, while helping NHS Scotland adapt to changing demographics and increase in service use as people become frailer.

Ideas may range from wearable tech that could predict falls in vulnerable people, assistive technology to make daily life or a specific task easier, a device or tool to help people self-manage their condition or diagnostic devices to simplify home monitoring of conditions.


Our support

Although frailty is most commonly associated with older people, it is not defined by age and can apply to younger people living with chronic conditions, and covers a range of disease and clinical specialities. The innovation call is open to anyone working across NHS Scotland and harnesses the talent, expertise and first-hand experience of health and social care professionals.

The package of support for health and social care staff with ideas to support NHS Scotland includes £25,000 of initial funding, regulatory support, project management and the innovation expertise of InnoScot Health.

Frailty is one of the greatest challenges the NHS in Scotland faces because of the changes to the national demographic. We need to adapt, so we not only survive but we continue to thrive.

Dr Iain Morrison of Newbattle Practice, Midlothian

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